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Purchase Terms

Project iRose Online will not be liable for any item loss and failed purchases if the user cannot follow these terms.

  1. The user must be logged out of the game before making a purchase; else, the item will not be sent to the storage.
  2. The user must have enough points for the purchase to be valid.
  3. The user must be sure of the items he/she is purchasing. Project Online will not entertain or cater refunds.
  4. Do not refresh the browser after the purchase has been completed to prevent double purchasing.

Item Name Item Type Item Information Price Quantity
Slotted Icon Mall Icon Slotted Round Shield[9] Sub-weapon Information Icon

Classification: Shield Dodge Rate: 15

Life Span: 100% Durability: 22

Defense Power: 31 Magic Resistance: 27

Attack Speed +5

Attack Power +2

Equipment Condition: Strength 36

Weigth: 12

A round shield adorned with seven studs.

Slotted Icon Mall Icon Slotted Short Sword[9] Weapon Information Icon

Classification: One Hand Sword Hitting Rate: 78

Life Span: 100% Durability: 35

Attack Power: 80 Attack Speed: Fast + 3

Attack Distance: 1M

Weigth: 5

An easily available sword that's perfect for beginners.


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