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  • 14 Jan

    Race Tournament Event

    Posted on 05:21:AM January 14, 2021 by roseon2

    Racing Tournament:

    1st stage of the tournament Will be Carts Racing

    2nd stage Of the tournament Will be Hover Carts

    3rd stage of the tournament Will be Castle gears

    4th Stage of the tournament Character run Naked 


    All Prizes will be imall coins 

    1st place Will be 2x coins 1000

    2nd place 1x coin 1000

    3rd Place 500

    4th place 200

    5th place 100

    To join this event Please Send your IGN yo Project-Origins Discord 

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  • 9 Jan

    Race Event

    Posted on 11:24:PM January 9, 2021 by roseon2

    Racing Event:
    First Race Event : Will Be Carts Rules No Buff will be 5 Rounds Laps
    Second Stage Event : Jesters Rules Applies Also 5 Rounds Laps
    Third Stage Event: Castle Gears Same Rules  5 Rounds Laps

    First Place: 2 Imall Coins 1000 Each, Or a Choice of a  Armors Set Of Choosing whit 10+
    Second Place 1 imall Coin 1000 Each , Or a Choosing Of Weapons of Choice 10+
    Third Prize : 1 imall Coin 300 or Choice of Elixer 200 
    Fourth Prize 1 imall Coin 120 or Elixer 120 
    Five Prize : Elixer 100 Or 2 renz lucky Box of
    To Participate Please Vote Tumb up Or Tumb Down Thank you And happy Gaming

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  • 7 Jan

    Upcoming Events

    Posted on 04:02:AM January 7, 2021 by roseon2

    Upcoming Events:
    Find The Giant Players / Kill Whit No buff 
    Find The Ant-Man Players /  Kill Whit no Buff
    Race Event Whit Jetster / Castle Gears / Carts this event will be done 2x a Week  at The Race Track Map No Buff 
    No Buff 
    First Person find Him / Her Kills
    Has For Racing The Rules Are 5 Lap Rounds The one Arriving At the End after the 5 Lap wins there will be First place Second Place and Third Places
    Prizes Will Be Posted Soon

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  • 9 Oct

    Friend Invite Event

    Posted on 11:15:PM October 9, 2020 by roseon2

    invitation Friends Event
    Win Free IMallPoints By inviting Friends to join  10 point per Friends The more Friend you invite the Richer you get

    Note All New Friend Account will be needed to be verified By Admins Before Receiving yours points 

    Welcome and have a great time

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